Why Become An Entrepreneur?

Let me be honest with you.

I was tempted to write a sweet post telling you how great your life as an entrepreneur will be, how you can be your own boss, work whenever you wish, and so on.

But that would be unfair even though those benefits are real. That’s because the entrepreneurial journey is tough and testing, and as an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t fall for or even be tempted by those small benefits.

You are in it for more significant rewards, and you deserve bigger and better.

Let’s look into some of the benefits you’ll get when you become an entrepreneur. It might be hard to put direct value to these benefits, but trust me, they are more valuable than they sound.

#1: You’ll be part of an elite group

No, I’m not kidding. When you become an entrepreneur, you’ll join an elite group, a group of creators and innovators.

See, the world is made up of three types of people.

The first group are the consumers—95% of the world falls into this group. Consumers are essential for us—for the entrepreneurs—to succeed because it’s they who will give us the chance to build a product or service that solves their problems.

Then we have the artists, writers, and other creators. They also focus on satisfying the consumers, catering to their need for entertainment.

And then finally, you, the entrepreneur, a tiny and elite crowd that makes up probably around 0.1% of the world.

Yup, just 0.1% of the entire population.

Let that sink in a bit.

That’s how elite the entrepreneurs’ community is, and you’ll be part of it. You’ll be solving problems, building solutions, and enhancing people’s lives.

It doesn’t mean that entrepreneurship is that hard.

Of course, it’s hard, but it isn’t impossible. Anybody and everybody could become an entrepreneur if they chose to.

But people don’t choose that often. People want to make simple and easy choices, and they prefer to be the consumer and wait for someone else to solve their problems, while only a few like you choose to become an entrepreneur.

And that’s why it is an elite group, and you’ll be part of it.

#2: You’ll achieve things

Do you know what the biggest regret people have?

At some point in their life, everyone looks back and asks what they achieved in their life, and they are met with an uneasy, silent answer that mocks them.

They feel an uncomfortable emptiness of achieving nothing, and that’s their biggest regret, because no one wants to be someone who hasn’t accomplished anything.

Everyone has the desire to achieve things and dreams but is not able to turn their dreams into reality or give wings to their wishes.

They end up settling for less because they cannot break their shackles and limiting beliefs.

But you won’t have such regrets.

You may toil, struggle, get beaten, live on the edge, and even lose sometimes, but you’ll achieve your dreams. You’ll gain the satisfaction of building solutions, solving problems, and helping people.

And when you look back, you’ll have plenty of achievements you can be proud of, and a great story or two to tell your children and grandchildren, and be their hero.

#3: You’ll inspire others

You could be the first one from your family or locality or community or college to start a business, and when you do so, you are also opening a whole new world to people around you.

You’ll instil confidence in people around you and show them that they can also become entrepreneurs, and follow their dreams and succeed. You’ll help them unshackle their limiting beliefs and dream.

You’ll become the first of a new breed of entrepreneurs who will follow your footsteps.

And you’ll also become the role model to your employees, relatives, and your community members.

#4: You can stand up for what you believe

Everyone has different beliefs and wants to stand up for them, but can’t. They have to give up on their beliefs and agree or go with someone else’s because they depend on them, or they work for them.

But you don’t have to.

As an entrepreneur, you can choose who you want in your team, as prospects, customers, and clients.

If you want to run your business honestly without using marketing gimmicks or sleazy sales tactics, you can do it.

If you want to donate a portion of your profit to your favourite cause or charity and help those in need to grow as you grow, you can do it.

Because you don’t need anyone’s permission to do so or compromise with or give up your beliefs, you can stand up for them.

#5: You’ll live a better life in the truest sense

“Wait! what, A better life?”

“Everyone lives a better life. What’s special about it?” You might ask.

Of course, everyone can live or maybe does live a better life.

Even those who are employed are buying a car and a house, own the latest gadgets, go on vacations, and live better lives than what their parents and grandparents did.

But that isn’t really a better life.

A better life doesn’t mean living in a villa, driving a luxury car, or having a 6- or 7-figure bank balance. Of course, it’ll be good to have all of them, and they definitely will make your life better.

But a really better life is a little beyond all that.

Life comes with unlimited opportunities to learn, explore, and achieve, and a better life is one where you haven’t wasted those opportunities, and have explored, learned, and achieved.

A better life is one that you live on your own terms and have the freedom to chase your dreams, stand up for the things you believe in, make a difference, inspire people, and achieve financial freedom.

And you can live it.

What else can be better?

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