This New Year, Don’t become that person

2020 is here.

A new year and a new decade.

12 new chapters and 365 opportunities to do things right, correct your mistakes, go after your dreams, and make your life better.

Everything is yours to make it your best year so far.

Unfortunately, most people will do exactly what they did last year and the year before that.

They will make new resolutions and vow not to make the same mistakes they made earlier. And they will forget them even before the first month is over.

The dreams will remain as they are – just dreams.

They will take the same actions, get the same results, and when things don’t change, they’ll have the same excuses and complaints.

It’ll be the same old ones.

They don’t have enough time or

They don’t have the experience or skills or

They don’t have the money or

They don’t get enough opportunities or

They were planning to do it, but life got in the way and so on.

They try to hide everything behind those reasons, stories, and excuses.

In this new year, I’ve one humble request to you.

Whatever you do, please, don’t become that person.

It’s your precious life and dreams. You got to do better than that.

Do you know what stops you from doing that?

It is not what you lack that is stopping you. It’s not your lack of experience or short of skills, or something else is stopping you.

What’s stopping you is your lack of commitment.

You want to change your life, make it better, and make your dreams real. But you are not committed to making it happen.

Because when you just want something, it remains a wish.

You don’t care much about whether it works or not, comes true or not, and if it doesn’t work, that’s when you come up with stories, reasons, and excuses about why it didn’t work. That’s how it works “wishes” and “wants.”

But when you are committed to achieving something, you throw the excuses out and do whatever it takes to achieve the goals and to realize the dreams.

You don’t wait for the opportunities; you create them.

You don’t wait for things to happen; you make them happen.

And that’s when you’ll taste success because success favours those who are committed to succeeding.

You don’t need detailed plans or thorough preparation or anything else…all you need to do is

To begin…

To start…


It doesn’t matter how big your dream is or how difficult your goal is, take your first step now, this moment.

Most of us forget the power of now.

Starting now with whatever you have is 10X better than starting tomorrow with everything you need because you’ll never know what’ll happen tomorrow.

It’s what we do today that decides our future.

And you don’t need more experience or skills or money or time to achieve things. You already have enough of everything. All you need is to put what you know into action without delaying further or waiting for the perfect moment.

Forget what happened in 2019 or 2018 or years before that. Forget everything you’ve tried. Forget all those excuses. Get rid of all those baggage. They will drag you down.

Start fresh today.

You’ve got 365 opportunities to try, to learn, to apply, and to get things right.

Let this be the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Let this be your year and make it your best ever.

Don’t wait for things to change…

Go… make it happen…TODAY!

Wish You A Very Happy New Year

To Your Success in 2020 & Beyond,


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