5 Causes of a Stressful Career

95% of people people today live in STRESS – especially when it comes to their careers and making money.

Only the top 5% truly create a life “by design”.

When I was thinking deeply about this topic, I realised that there are 5 causes that lead to a “stressful career”

  1. The Education System – the general programming we receive in our schooling system is to be a “worker” and not a “creator”. In order to create one’s own economy, you’ve got to think as a creator… an entrepreneur.
  2. Family Pressure– A lot of people are forced into a misaligned career / education due to family pressure. Many of these people realise after many years that it’s not their true passion. This leads to stressful career.
  3. Not Choosing Your Friends Properly– You become the average of the top 5 people you associate with. Many people poorly choose their friends, and take the wrong advise when it comes to a fulfilled career.
  4. Not Learning Continuously– Life long learners are the one who are able to design a life of choice. Those who do not inculcate a habit of daily learning and upgrading oneself end up in toxic careers.
  5. A Misaligned Spouse / Life Partner– At the end of the day, we are motived by our loved ones. But if you have a partner who’s completely misaligned to your core values, then you end up in a misaligned career. True love is not about looking into each others eyes, it’s about both of you looking in the same direction. 

Think about these points.

Hope it makes sense to you?

Shortly, I will be going deep into how to create a lifestyle of choice… a FREEDOM Business Model!

Be there… it will greatly benefit you.

I’m there to help you.

Wishing you true success & FREEDOM!


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