5 Levels of INFLUENCE

I’ve been studying the topic of INFLUENCE and persuasion for a while now… and wanted to share with you the 5 Levels of Influence.

If you understand this, then you’ll be able to better communicate with your audience online. Especially thru videos.

You will be able to generate more sales.

You will be able to create an economy of your own.

So here we go….

We will go from Level 5 (the worst)… to Level 1 (the best)

Level 5 – The Generalist

This is the person who just a “wandering generality” who does not have any goal or purpose in life. Such people can never influence others because they don’t have a clarity in their sense of “being”.

Level 4 – The Specialist

Have you come across someone who’s knowledgeable but you just cannot stand their presence or their style? This is the person who has the knowledge but who does not have the power to connect with people on a deeper level. 

Level 3 – The Authority

This is the person who has the skills, the knowledge and the authority to get others to listen to them. There’s also an aspect of a pleasing personality which helps them connect with their audience.

Level 2 – The Celebrity

Movie stars, cricket stars and other celebrities fall under this category of Influencer. Yes, they have a much higher level of influence than just those who have Authority. But in most cases we may like a celebrity but may not follow or align with their value system.

Level 1 – The Celebrity Authority

This person has the ultimate INFLUENCE… period. Here’s someone who not only has the knowledge and skills, but who also possess a magnetic celebrity personality who attracts thousands and millions of followers who are willing to do whatever they say.

My Final Thoughts

If you want to attract more genuine followers online and generate more sales, then you have to first acknowledge where you are today.. and consciously move up to LEVEL 1 by taking strategic action steps.


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