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TED Talks

“People Cant Be Falirue” Says Judge Victoria Pratt

Have you ever looked at a problem — big or small — and thought, “There’s got to be a better way”? If so, keep reading… Because today’s episode contains four simple yet powerful principles that will help us solve some of our biggest and most complex problems. Today’s guest of Maretv is the brilliant Judge […]

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The Best Advice I Ever Got

I’ll never forget my first audit meeting with my mentor and then boss. It was the day before me taking up new responsibilities. We were sitting in his office talking about the intensity of number of systems we were supposed to implement. His advice surprised me. “Sharva, don’t take that much load. Lessen it” Uhhh […]

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Let’s start with RENUNCIATION. What does “giving up” really mean? A householder who’s always charitable and internally detached is more renounced than a monk who’s attached to his mattress. Renunciation is a state of mind. For some people Renouncing or detachment brings “fear” in the mind. The opposite of fear is “faith”. When you have […]

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