Schools Teach People How to Be Poor!

Think back to being in school. We all learned subjects like Geometry, English, History…

We learned who the 23rd President was (by the way, it was Benjamin Harrison).

Some of us may even have majored in Economics.

But did anyone teach us about how we could actually make money in our own lives?!

It’s no secret that I think its a huge problem that schools don’t teach financial literacy.

Our kids graduate from high school and even top universities without understanding the first thing about money and personal wealth.

But as bad as that is, it’s actually much worse.

I know this is a bold statement, but I believe schools are teaching people how to be poor.

Here is the message schools are pumping into our kids’ heads:

  1. Get an Education
    2. Get a Good Job
    3. Get Promoted
    4. Earn a Higher Salary


  • They tell us to save part of our pay (the part that the IRS doesn’t raid first).

  • They tell us to put that money into savings accounts (with interest rates that don’t even keep up with inflation).

  • They tell us to invest into 401Ks (which are managed by someone else).

Here’s the problem: getting rich under this paradigm is mathematically impossible.

In fact, the system is designed to keep most people poor. Or at least working hard their entire lives just to keep their heads above water.

We have been so indoctrinated by this ideology, this employee mentality—that we believe we don’t have a choice.

We think to ourselves, “It’s just the way it is,” and there is no alternative.

We think a person has to be born rich to get richer. We’ve been taught: It takes money to make money.

Maybe this was partially true once.

Today, it’s nothing more than an excuse.


Because of the internet. We’re in the information age—the age of self-education.

We all have access to the internet…but it’s how we use it that determines our potential.

What most people don’t realize is that we can become wealthy by educating ourselves. We can make money for the work do as entrepreneurs.

It’s simple. We just ignore everything that we learned in school and stop looking to a J-O-B to make us wealthy.

We can do it on our own. With the right mindset…and the right know how.

We all have the skills it takes to be entrepreneurs and achieve wealth.

It’s about learning how to use your strengths to create wealth.

Trust me, this is the education of today. It’s just not available yet in school.

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