The Best Advice I Ever Got

I’ll never forget my first audit meeting with my mentor and then boss.

It was the day before me taking up new responsibilities. We were sitting in his office talking about the intensity of number of systems we were supposed to implement.

His advice surprised me.

“Sharva, don’t take that much load. Lessen it”

Uhhh … what? This was Business. The reason I got in is because I pushed myself to do more.

Now my mentor wanted me to pull back?

Except that wasn’t what he was saying at all. I later realized what he really meant: “Give yourself time to explore. Try different things. Make friends.”

In other words, don’t be so obsessed with getting As that you let the beginning of your career experience pass you by.

I know, I know. “Cool story Bro, but I’m not a beginner anymore.” But my mentor’s advice is not just about beginner. It’s about ALL areas of your life, including right now.

Here’s my rule for applying “Don’t take too much load. Lessen it,” no matter where you are: Keep broadening your identity.

It would’ve been easy at 18 to define myself as “Simharana Sharva, college dropout” and nothing else.

And if I did that, I’d be a 120lb service engineer wearing a polo shirt twice my size.

Instead, when I started my first company (Investziant), I expanded my identity to “Simharana Sharva, entrepreneur.” When I launched my website, I expanded it even further to “Simharana Sharva, blogger.”

Which eventually will become “Simharana Sharva, CEO.”

Today — approaching my mid-20’s – the beginning of my career feels like another lifetime ago. I’m sure it would’ve felt good to earn one more A, but would it matter anymore? Probably not.

Yet I can draw a direct line between the chances I took in then, and the Life I’m living now.

What about you?

What fun experiment could you try to broaden how you see yourself?

I’d love to hear your ideas.

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