The Fascinating power of Getting Started

Hey this is Simharana Sharva again.

I have been thinking about this recently, and I thought I can share it with you…

What is our TRUE power?

What is YOUR true power as an individual human being?

Is it money?

Is it connections?

Is it knowledge?



All the above are potential energies.

A lot of people have them.

Not everyone has a lot, but everyone has something.

You, with your life experience, will definitely have some money saved up, some knowledge and experience gained through the years and some intelligence.

But what’s the most powerful thing of this all?

NONE of the above…

None of these can be of any use if we do not use it.

A high performance sports car is nothing without a driver to drive it forward.

In my life experience, I have learned a thing or two. I have learned that, true power is always one thing:

The power of Getting Started. Initiative. Starting something is the most powerful thing.

Many people are more skilled than me. Many people are having more resources than many successful people. But the one thing that differentiates successful people from the others is that Successful people keep starting.

They don’t keep thinking or planning for a long time. They just start.

I had these thoughts while I was in the shower today. And I thought I will write a blog post about it.

And instantly, a part of me resisted doing it. That’s the laziness inside us. We procrastinate things. We tell a lie to ourselves and don’t get started. One big devil’s advocate in this process is perfectionism. We tell ourselves, if I do it, I will do it perfectly. And then we never get started.

There is something called the law of diminishing intent. If you got an idea or an inspiration to start something, your enthusiasm about it will be 10/10 when the idea came to you. Within a few hours it will become like 9/10. By the end of the day it will become 8/10. After one week, your enthusiasm about that idea would be like 2/10. Then by that time, you would have sold yourself that it is not a great idea after all.

What are you doing?

You are building a graveyard of dead ideas within yourself. Ideas which could have changed the world, but never saw the light of the day. Successful people have learned one thing from their life experience.

You got an idea?

Get started with it ASAP. Successful people defeat a lot of people in their life.  They defeat the nay sayers. They defeat their competitors. They defeat evil with good intentions.

But those things are nothing.

Successful people can crush other people like bugs under their feet. Because the biggest monster they fight everyday, is THEMSELVES. The part of them that prevents them from getting started.

I came out of the shower and started writing this blog post. I didn’t even wait till my hair dried.

Because when inspiration for something hits, it is the most effective in the next one hour. Some projects take longer time, like a business plan and execution is not as simple as this article I am writing. But getting started with something gives it life. And it takes a life of its own. You will be powering it with your resources, but it gathers momentum.

Got an idea for a book?

Open a doc, write the title, and write the topics for the first 3 chapters.  It will take 5 minutes.

The next day, the monster inside you that always keeps preventing you from getting started will not be that powerful. Opening that doc again and taking it forward is much easier than starting from scratch the next day.

Got a business idea?

Message a like-minded friend immediately. You will give it some life, and then it will pickup steam slowly.

Thinking of joining a gym and taking better care of your health?

Start researching at gyms around your area and enquire about the plans they have. There are many ways to defeat this monster. But the best way is to get started immediately. Apart from your success that follows after getting started, there is another big reason why you should get started.


Because when you get an idea to do something, you are making a commitment with yourself that you will do something about it. When you don’t do it, you are breaking that commitment. That makes you feel bad about yourself. Your relationship with yourself erodes.

How would you feel if your friend said he will meet you at a coffee shop at 5’o clock and then comes at 6o’clock?

How would you feel if he doesn’t even turn up and forgets about it?

May be once or twice you will forgive him. But what if he does that every time?

You won’t be friends with him anymore. The relationship will break.

How many commitments that you have done to yourself that you have not upheld?

It is easy to make new year resolutions and make commitments to yourself. It is hard to keep up.

And every time you don’t keep up your commitments, you will blame yourself for it. After enough time, you will feel very bad about yourself.  And most of the time you will walk with your head down.

Successful people feel great all the time because they plan something and then they do it.

Just do it.

If you do something, it will have some results. Yes, the results are a reward. But the best feeling and the best reward successful people get is that they feel great about themselves.

Successful people are not let down when someone ditches them. They are not let down when their wealth is taken away. They literally lose nothing. Because their biggest asset is themselves.

If you make a commitment to go to the gym everyday from next week and if you actually do it without missing a single day for 3 months, how would that make you feel.

You will fall in love with YOU. You will be so happy all the time, because your best friend, YOURSELF, is dependable. This person will keep the commitment. This person will take care of YOU… and this person is YOURSELF. You can count on YOU! Don’t count on anyone else, apart from you because others will always let you down.

And you cannot do anything about it, because you cannot control other’s actions. But did you forget about the best person in your life that you can count on? That’s yourself.

So starting today, make a commitment to improve the relationship you have with yourself.

Start things. Keep the commitments to yourself. Forget new year resolutions. Enough of failing yourself.  This moment is your new life. Make a life resolution, to keep the commitments that you make to yourself. Make a resolution that you will act on every idea that you get.

You will start seeing results in your life. Your reality will change for the better. You will have so much wealth around you. You will have good health. But above all, your relationship with yourself will be so awesome that you are happy all the time.

Once you fix yourself, you will not need friends and family. Because there is nothing that you want from them. That doesn’t mean that you have to be alone. You can enjoy all the time that you want with them. But when they are not around, you won’t need them. Because being alone doesn’t scare you anymore. Solitude is the art of spending time with yourself. You will not be lonely.

You will not be afraid to be with YOURSELF. Because this is a great person you have with you…

YOURSELF. But that’s when you will get the best of your friends in your life. Because they will want to be around an awesome person who feels great all the time. Your parents will feel proud about you. They will start supporting everything you start. That will give you even more momentum because friends and family will support you. This new YOU will attract the dream life partner.

By this time you won’t even need a partner to be happy. That’s what will make you attractive. Not the beauty or the wealth. A miss Universe with all her beauty and a queen with all her wealth wouldn’t attract me if they don’t feel great about themselves. The most attractive people on earth are the people who feel great about themselves.

People who act on their ideas, People who keep commitments to themselves, People who are feeling great all the time do.

As a bonus, health and wealth will come to anyone who takes initiatives. But the person getting attracted to you will not be coming to you for your wealth. They will come to you because you are a great person.

Unhappy people attract the wrong people into their life. If you have been experiencing people around you who f**k you over, again and again then that because you are yet to fix yourself.

Everything in your life will be sorted, if you improve the relationship you have with yourself. You will be setting standards for how people can treat you.  And if they don’t meet those standards, they can get the f**k out of your life.

You don’t need people around you who drain your energy. So where do we get started? What’s the price for this kind of life?

A very small price.  But a difficult one to pay for most of the people. Getting started.

Not next month, not tomorrow, not today. NOW. Getting started NOW.

So if you have been thinking of something for a while, don’t let it die. Give it an electric shock RIGHT NOW. Bring it back to life, while it is still breathing. And do something about it.


Even the smallest act will set a snowball effect. And it will make you feel great. That’s your assignment for today. Come back and reply to this mail and tell me how it made you feel. A journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step.

Take that step now.

This moment is the first moment for the rest of your life. From this moment, you can start improving the relationship with yourself. Enough of wasting time to try to fix things around you. Things around you are not in your control. The more you try to control it the more it will backfire.

Have you seen someone get frustrated about someone’s behaviour. Have you seen someone get frustrated because their car or bike is not working. Things break around you. That’s the nature of the universe. But they piss you off because you are broken inside.

If you are strong, if you feel great about yourself, things failing around you will hardly bother you. Think about this…

If you are a millionaire, and if you lose $10, you wouldn’t worry. That’s because $10 is a small amount compared to your millions.

If you have a great relationship with yourself and feel great all the time, and if you lose people and things in your life, you wouldn’t worry. Any loss outside you, be it people, money or whatever, will not bother you. It will be like losing 0.1%. Your biggest asset is your relationship with yourself. That’s a billion dollars’ worth. That’s a 1,000 people worth. Imagine 1,000 men behind you ready to fight for you… THAT’S YOURSELF.

YOU will become your greatest asset. The whole world can crumble around you and you can be calm. Because you have YOURSELF with you. A person that can be counted upon. A person that will work sincerely towards their goals. A person that will take care of the body and health. A person that will be calm and support others around them.

So build that person starting today. You know you are not broken yet. You are strong enough to start turning around your life, starting this moment. So get started.

I will see you at the top!

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